Here you will find a List of Local and State Races as well as other listings such as Sponsored Events, fittings, Hands on Classes and workshops.

We will do our best to get events listed as we have them, if you would Like to have your Event listed, Contact the Admin or Cindy at High Gear and she will make the magic happen. All info on this page is found at the events pages directly, if you need to update info please contact us.

List of Upcoming Events

April 26-28, 2019

Starting on Prescott’s historical (and lively) Whiskey Row and climbing into the beautifully distracting views of Prescott National Forest, riders will connect some of the area’s most exhilarating (and challenging) pieces of singletrack, double track, gravel roads and the occasional paved segment. During your visit to Prescott, enjoy three fun-filled days of event festivities and being submerged in the mountain bike industry. Mingle with the most bike-minded people you’ll ever encounter while appreciating the area’s wild wild west heritage and feeling welcomed by its modern day appreciation for the outdoor enthusiast. With a finisher’s award in the form of a well-earned commemorative pint glass emblazoned with the distance you’ve finished, the Downtown Music Festival w/ free live music, a cold beverage (gratis) from Four Peaks Brewing Company and the comfort of the former Arizona Territorial capitol’s shaded lawn waiting at the finish line for all Off-Road participants…this is a finish line that will make every mile worth the effort.The ‘Whiskey’ has a 96% finish rate. However, it’s no walk in the park.



Chino Grinder


115 Mile Gravel Road,
Ultra Endurance,
Cycling Event


The Chino Grinder is a 115 Mile gravel road endurance cycling event. The out and back course starts and finishes in the Town of Chino Valley, Arizona. From Chino Valley you will ride 57.5 miles to White Horse Lake, 19 miles southeast of Williams, in northern Arizona before starting the return leg to Chino Valley. There is approximately a 70/30 split between gravel and paved roads. Elevations along the course vary from 4000 ft to 7200 ft. Three aid stations support riders with water, sports drinks, energy bars and more. Roving mechanic support throughout the ride. All riders free beer (must be 21), event tee shirt, a chance to win fabulous raffle prizes. There are also 25, 44 and 62 mile course options.

* There are also 25, 44 and 62 mile course options."
For more info and Registration please see their webpage

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MAY 18, 2019 - Mountain Mayhem

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The 2019 Mountain Mayhem Bike Race IS PRESENTED BY HIGH GEAR BIKE SHOP OF PRESCOTT High Gear has partnered with the GCFFA as the main event sponsor for this race.

CALLING ALL MOUNTAIN BIKERS!!! Join in the fun at the fourth annual Mountain Mayhem mountain bike race on Saturday May 18th, 2019!!

Come up to the pines and ride either 10 miles or 20 miles! 10 milers will do the north loop, consisting primarily on trail 396.  20 milers will do the 10 mile north loop and a 10 mile south loop including 384 and FS Rd 707.

2019 will use the same route as 2016 and 2017.

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Register : HERE 


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While the first Javelina Stampede in 2017 was only a short-track race, in 2018 a second day was added to include a 22-mile cross country event.  By combining the beautiful surroundings of the Emmanuel Pines Camp with the newly adopted and re-designed trails in The Prescott National Forest, I believe this will be a very fun and memorable race for everyone.  Year #3 2019. This year the course is 1-lap 22 miles in length, encompassing both the new Spence Basin Trails as well as many of the very popular Thumb Butte Trails. I hope to see you there!

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Bike Prescott

A Cycling club that promotes cycling and saftey in Presoctt Arizona. This Group is amazing, they do wonders for the community and cycling in our community. If you are looking for a way to get involved, looking for more events or just want to find someone to ride with please go to their website and contact them, they are one of the best groups! 

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The Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance is another great organization in our local area that helps promote local cycling as well as organizes local events for riding. This group is a wonderful addition to the local area and a great opportunity for new and experienced riders to get out and do what they love, RIDE. Check out their website or facebook page for more information, or local rides and events.

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The National Interscholastic Cycling Association is a student athletic program centered on promoting cycling within our youth groups. They are a great resource for parents, students, and coaches alike. We have teams in places all over Prescott and the surrounding areas, such as Prescott High School, Prescott Middle School, North Point, and so much more. See NICA, their website and Arizona Interscholastic Cycling Legue's website, if you are looking for these race groups and find out how to contact them by looking at their join a team section. It's really easy to find a team near you and contact the coach in that area. 

Offical NICA Website:

Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League :